Hi, I'm Greg.

I am a father, neighbor, former teacher and son of educators, advocate, and public servant – in that order.

I ran for office because of my parents' motto: “actions matter more than words.” After decades of organizing and advocating for issues affecting children and youth, I felt called to bring my experience to City Hall.


In 2017, I was elected to Cincinnati City Council to do just that. I have been diligently and honestly working to represent the constituents of our city ever since.

I believe in bringing people together to achieve big things, and that communities are happiest and healthiest when their children thrive.


I’ve dedicated my career to making Cincinnati (and our global community) a more nurturing place for all children and families. In my former role as Executive Director of StrivePartnership, I led the Preschool Promise campaign, which fought to guarantee all Cincinnati children two years of high-quality preschool. Watching this historic investment in education and child poverty reduction win at the ballot box (by the widest margin of victory in Cincinnati school levy history) was one of the proudest moments of my life. It reaffirmed my belief in the power of meaningful organizing and coalition-building to achieve real, positive change.

I believe that government should be defined by what it accomplishes for the people it serves, especially those who are most marginalized. 

Since being on Council, I have focused intently on issues that impact the day-to-day lives of Cincinnati residents. I progressed comprehensive legislation on issues like eviction prevention, good government ethics, criminal justice, and equitable, growth-centered development; fought consistently for youth jobs, affordable housing, comprehensive child care, domestic violence prevention, small business support, and pedestrian safety projects to be included in our budgets; helped raise wages for City workers and strengthen relationships with local labor unions; and, established Cincinnati's first Office of Children and Families to more effectively coordinate impactful investments and initiatives. Regardless of what has come our way, I've consistently stayed laser-focused on making our community safer, more vibrant, and more inclusive.

I care deeply about fairness and justice, and believe everyone has inherent value. 

My local and national legislative work, community work, and personal interactions reflect this. Whether serving on Council, working on legislation at the state Governor’s Office or in Washington, D.C., or my years as a full-time advocate for children, I have never stopped pushing to make our institutions and systems more just and fair.

I believe God expects me to do as much good for others as possible with my time on Earth. 

I earned a bachelor's degree in economic and political science from Ohio University in 1999 before going on to receive a master's degree in theological studies from Harvard University. My relationship with God is reflected in all I do – in my relationships, in my professional life, and in my work to help create a more beloved community for all our neighbors.

I love Cincinnati and I believe in a strong, vibrant vision of what it could be…

This project is a blueprint for how we can begin to build it.


~ Greg Landsman

Member of Cincinnati City Council

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